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Welcome to Feel Good Pain clinic

Pain is the most common complaint a person comes to a doctor with Illness, Injuries, Infection, Degeneration are some of the common reasons of pain. It is a human tendency to neglect pain till the time it greatly interferes with daily routine. According to experts, this negligence makes the pain chronic and more harmful.

It was started in 14thNov 2016 ,we at FEEL GOOD PAIN CLINIC aim at comprehensive NONSURGICAL approach to treat pain at its origin. The patient is looked as a whole and the cause of pain is evaluated, diagnosed and treated to his satisfaction. A stepwise plan including a combination of different modalities of treatment is offered as per the individual’s needs, circumstances and preferences.

 Meet Our Doctors

Dr.L.N Kothari who is a general practitioner,Gradute of Modern Ayurveda and moderen medicine,began his studies in Acupuncture in 1976,travelling to many countries in the world in order to gain as much knowledge as possible in this field.In 1979 he was awarded a Doctorate Medicine in Acupuncture and in 1982 ph.D in Hong Kong as acknowledgment of his Mastery of the subject.In 1983, he founded the Indian Acupuncture trainning center under the Affiliation status of Medicina Alternative International and Indian Integrated Accupuncture Association.Thanks to this pioneering work at that time when very few Acupuncturist practicing in the world.For many years, he travelled to many countries to parcitipate in the Conferences,Seminar,Simposium ,panel discussion and also meetings to set and maintain teaching and clinical standard in Acupuncture.Under his supervision The Indian Acupuncture trainning center is only the best Institution in the world, where Acupuncture is being constantly researched ,developed and taught at present time.Along with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Moxibuston, Laser Beam ,Pain Management and Cosmetic Acupuncture Trainning programmes are regularly conducted in the Institute and camps in Manglore,chennai,Mumbai & Banglore.

Dr.L.N kothari
Qualification:B.A.M.S.,MD.,&Ph.D (HongKong)
Founder of Acupuncture
Professor& Physician

Dr.Sneha R.Goyadani is a Yoga therapist and acupuncture practisioner,is a graduate of Ocupational Therapy from O.T school and center,GMCH nagpur(MUHS nashik university)in 2006.She has also pursued D.Y(Diploma in Yoga shashtra),D.Ac(Diploma in Acupuncture) IATC.she is known for her specilisation in Musculo skeletal disorders.